Monday, December 2, 2013

Weekly Challenge #147 (Seeing new angles)

I hope all you lovely people had a FABULOUS Thanksgiving filled with family and fun!
Mine was full of rest and relaxation (and procrastination), but now its back to business:
I loved the new tangle, "Boo*Kee" from Laura Harms of  Her new tangle used the step-out template that was just released by Rick and Maria, and was a funky take on a tipple-like pattern. I opted to go more geometric for my first try and liked the very angular feel of this pattern. I even took a leap and used a gel pen on black (gasp!) which I never am adventurous with ha!
Also, thanks to my blessedly wonderful printmaking professor, Craig Cornwall, I was able to get my lithograph printed before my break started.  He allowed me to use his private studio because, of course, I can never make art in a conventional size.
We printed in black and color for variation, size: 35 in x 22 in:
 Part of what I love about Zentangle is the versatility of the drawings and tiles, including which direction you look at each artwork.  I even enjoyed the art in the fire-red we printed in, because it adds a new element of emotion that I wanted for this piece.

I hope you all have an artful and joyous week! Enjoy your December :)